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  Delhi Ibsen seminar 2008, 2009

An interesting development in Indian theatre is the growing interest by academics in theatre practice. I feel that the bringing together of academics and theatre practitioners is an important issue and with that in mind I commissioned one scholar to follow the production process of the Indian Ibsen productions and provide the group with dramaturgical support…. I was not sure if such an interaction was workable, but in all instances the Indian directors were agreeable to the idea. Rattan Theyam, Anuradha Kapur, Amal Allana, Neelam Mansingh, Zuleikha Chaudhari, Shantanu Bose, M.G. Jyotshish, Neeraj Kabi among others were the directors that were commissioned and used the dramaturges who hailed from various universities.

A seminar to discuss their work process is an integral part of the Delhi Ibsen festival. Scholars at the Ibsen seminars have spoken on various aspect of Ibsen’s work. They include Prof. Frode Helland, Dr. Veena Naregal, Dr. Samik Bandhopadhya, Prof. B. Anantkrishan, Dr. Anita Cherian , Dr. Erika Fisher-Lichte, Shanta Gokhle etc.

The entire proceedings of the seminars held are available in book form from the DADA office