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The major focus will be to prepare the student for News reading & presentation, for both TV and Radio as well as for different styles of Interviews, Chat shows, Magazines. In instances like TV, where the speaker is seen, the development of a personality appropriate to the channel image and target audience, will be an important aspect. On the other hand communicating a personality merely through the voice is a requirement of media like voice over commentaries for Radio Programmes. Radio drama is an area where developing histrionic talent is an important pre-requisite. These aspects will be covered by the course.

On the technical side, the student will learn the technique of lip syncing and dubbing. This will be done with audio and video equipment. Familiarity with different microphones will also help the student to learn how to get the best results.

Developing and organizing a script for magazines, chat shows, and interviews will be taught.

In the area of Public Speaking - the student will be helped to acquire the skill of organizing his thoughts as he speaks. An individual MC persona has to be developed for different programmes.