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Design Course....Art Direction:

In the area of Art Direction, there is no institute to date in India, that provides a comprehensive and integrated training in theatre design and art direction for television. DADA has taken the initiative to introduce such a programme that makes its work a pioneering effort in this field. The growing television market over the past 5 years has provided an outlet and opportunity for designers and art directors, in a wide range of different types of programmes, ranging from serials to News, Game Shows, Chat Shows etc. Today it has become imperative to create a definitive 'look' for each type of programme in this high evolved visual and technological field.

A special feature of the DADA programme for designers, is the interactive work done by design students, with their actor counterparts. The integrated approach of the acting programme with the design programme, will provide the designers with the opportunity to study the process of the actual use of a set, by actors.This would demonstrate the relationship of the actor with the environment with reference to a specific type of programme.

Separate short-term courses in Costume Design and Public Speaking and Anchoring for theatre and television will provide opportunities for working people with some experience. These courses will help them to extend their capabilities in areas related to their chosen profession. For example, the Costume Design course would be ideal for fashion designers who would like to branch out into costume design for TV, film, Ad films, stage, etc., as well as for teachers designing for large school productions. Likewise, the Public Speaking and Anchoring course will be the first of its kind to offer formal training, in the development of voice culture, personality projection, voice over for commentaries, dubbing, hosting TV and Live Shows etc.

The Art Direction course focuses on the different kinds of research that helps designers creatively explore possibilities in the area of design. A basic discipline in drafting, sketching, and model making gives the designers practical experience of evolving a set, from the initial stages of translating an idea to the final stages of supervising its construction. The course also provides a conceptual basis for designing for inter-related media, and a basic foundation in Indian architectural styles.