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Begum Barve, 2009
From the pinnacle of fame and fortune to the depths of despair, misery and poverty, the story of Balgandharva is strangely re-invented and re-told by Satish Alekar in Begum Barve, the cripple and the man/woman with the golden voice, are here dichotomized into the two central characters of Barve and Shyamrao. Following the same treatment of reflecting the past as though a distorted miorror, Alekar constructs his play from disconnected fragments of times remembered by an aging actor. The past and present are so interwoven, that at times, one merges into the other in a seamless continuum, while at others, a strident collision of conflicting notes is discerned. The play skillfully weaves and draws from the background of the Marathi Natya Sangeet and creates from it a piece of modern writing tha is innovative and functions on a complex plane of time and space.

Duration : 1 hr. 30 mins

Cast and Credits
Begum Barve By Satish Alekat
Translation: Vasant Deo

Barve : Manohar Singh
Shyamrao: Rajendra Gupta
Jawdekar: Vijay Kashyap
Bawdekar: Rajiv Gaursingh

Back Stage
Music: Asha Khadilkar
Sets/Light: Nissar Allana
Scene Painter: Rhaol Painter
Costumes: Amal Allana
Stage Manager : Mona Chawla
Lighting Assistant: Zuleikha Allana
Costume Assistant: Urvashi Bhargava
Music Control: Munsaf Ali, Faeem, Kamruddin
Curtail pullers: Pratap and Avinash, malaskar

Direction: Amal Allana