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DADA's founder members, Nissar Allana and Amal Allana's aim is to serve the community in a meaningful manner by creating an academy for the dissemination of performance knowledge. Together with the key performers of TTA, who constitute our distinguished faculty, DADA grew out of a response to the increasing demand for trained actors and art directors, costume designers and radio and TV anchors in a rapidly expanding scenario of TV chanels and radio stations.

The Dramatic Art & Design Academy (DADA) is an academy for training in the performing arts and presently provides five main courses, Acting, Art Direction, Costume Design and Public Speaking/Anchoring, Children’s Theatre. DADA is unique in many ways. Its faculty consists of a core group of highly trained professionals who are actors, designers, architects and media persons. They are dedicated to providing a new methodology in training, based on international standards and the latest developments in their respective fields.

The Acting Course, supervised by an excellent team of professionals, is structured to develop in the students an understanding of the different techniques required to perform either live, or to the camera. This basic foundation is in realistic acting, developed through improvisation and scene work. Speech and voice training, together with an intensive programme in body dynamics and control, forms the core of the course. The students will be given opportunities to perform to the camera, as well as live, to small audiences.




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